“Once upon a time in Anatolia I swam in the Mediterranean Sea like old civilizations swam before, walked through the paths like Lycians walked before, ate olives and drank Turkish wines under the sun with the sea salt on my skin. Now I live in Copenhagen but my mind and my soul always belong to Turkey so i decided that carrying Anatolian heritage to Scandinavia with me and create a small universe in Christianshavn with the finest quality, handmade, organic and artisanal Turkish Design. 

U M A Y A N A is a niche brand and was founded by me in 2017 with the compass of old Turkish goddess UMAY - who represents fertility and sun & protects babies. 

U M A Y A N A  is my instrument which reflects my aim of protecting my country’s beautiful heritage and generating income for local artisans and the collections are always handpicked by me from the local artisans in the small villages of Turkey.

I love traveling and want to inspire travellers with these unique Turkish towels which are the best companion for modern, stylish, nomadic and smart travellers, also these smart towels inspire interior space and outdoor living lovers.”  


                                                            Sezin Mutlutürk Oztekin